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North Carolina
Title Insurance Policy Rates

ALTA Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance and ALTA Expanded Coverage Residential Loan Policy

The ALTA Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance and ALTA Expanded Coverage Residential Loan Policy are available for qualifying improved one-to-four family residences at the applicable Rate plus an additional 20% of the Regular Rates.

Minimum Premium

The minimum premium for Regular Rates and Reissue Rates shall be $51.00.

Regular Rates for a Loan and/or an Owner’s Policy:

Simultaneous Issue of Owner’s and Loan Policies

In all loan transactions, one or more Loan Policies may be issued simultaneously with an Owner’s policy covering Identical Property for a single premium, plus a Simultaneous Issue Premium charge of $26.00 for each Loan Policy issued. All title insurance Rates apply to this category. When Policies are issued insuring both a first deed of trust and junior deeds of trust simultaneously with an Owner’s Policy, the Policy Premium is determined by multiplying the applicable Rate by the higher of the coverage under the Owner’s Policy, or the total of the coverage amounts under the Loan Policies, plus a Simultaneous Issue Premium of $26.00 for each Loan Policy issued.

Prior Policy Reissue Rates

Key Title cross-references an extensive database of over 7 million prior policies to ensure you receive the best rate possible.


When a Prior Policy has been issued on Identical Property within fifteen (15) years, the Rate shall be 50% of the Regular Rate up to the amount of the Prior Policy.  Regular Rates shall apply to coverage amounts in excess of the Prior Policy amount.  The  Prior Policy or HUD-1 must be provided to the Insurer to receive the Reissue Rate.

Builders Revolving Lines of Credit Deed of Trust

An additional Premium shall be charged once the aggregate coverage amount of each separate Property insured exceeds the amount of insurance shown on the Policy.

Equity Master,  Master Home Equity Loan Policy, FACT, ALTA Residential Limited Coverage (Junior Loan) or Other Similar Limited Coverage Policies

**As required by North Carolina General Statutes for all title insurance Policies, these Policies require the title opinion of a licensed North Carolina attorney.

Policy amount shall not exceed $500,000.

Closing Services Insurance

The Premium for Closing Services Insurance is as follows:

Commitment for Title Insurance Policy

The Premium for the issuance of a Commitment is $15.00.

Residential Endorsements

For Residential Transactions only, an Endorsement Premium in the amount of $21.00 shall be charged for each of the following ALTA Endorsements.

  • ALTA Endorsement 5 (Planned Unit Development)

  • ALTA Endorsement 8.1 (Environmental Protection)

  • ALTA Endorsement 9 (Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals)

**For informational purposes only. Contact Key Title for a written quote. 

North Carolina title insurance rates apply to ANY title insurance policy issued that insures property situated in North Carolina, regardless of where the title insurance policy is issued. Such filed rates are comprehensive and encompass all the premiums for title insurance that are currently authorized.

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