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Owner’s Policy Comparison

Key Title provides multiple coverage options as a policy-issuing agent of Investors Title. The standard ALTA Owner’s Policy covers title defects and liens through the date and time the deed is recorded in the public records. The ALTA Homeowner’s Policy provides enhanced coverage from additional risks, including some that might occur after the deed is recorded.

* Premiums for the coverage are based on ITIC established rates.

** The ALTA Owner’s Policy may be used on residential and commercial transactions.

*** The ALTA Homeowner’s Policy may be used on purchase or refinance transactions, improved property in a platted residential subdivision, a completed residential condominium unit, or improved residential property with a metes/bounds legal description that does not exceed 25 acres of land. Not applicable for construction loans or property that is vacant land. The Proposed Insured must be a “natural person.” No corporations, LLCs, or other entities.


This chart is intended for summary comparison only and is not a full explanation of coverage afforded by the title insurance policy. There are exceptions, exclusions, and conditions to coverage that limit or narrow the coverage afforded. For more details please contact your Key Title representative.

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